Tuesday, October 28, 2014

'Create' and Seattle

Last week was a 'two in one' fun:
First - teaching and taking workshops at the wonderful art retreat "Create".
And second - visiting one of my favorite cities in the US: Seattle.

Arriving to Seattle by air is amazing: Looking at all the water and green islands is breathtaking.
Seattle is also famous for its street art, which you bump into every corner of the street, and around many public buildings. I only had a few free hours and this selection of photos is just the tip of the iceberg..

                                 snowy mountains are not too far..

                         beautiful totem polls carved by the Northwest Native Americans

                                                        inside a train station

                                                 these instruments are a few stories high!

..and the other fun part - creating art with hundreds of women artists who all came just for that purpose from all over the US!
Here are most of the participants in the classes I taught and their wonderful art:
Thank you  Carolina, Iris, A.J.,Kelly, Ginger, Cynthia, Barsha, Dani, Susan, Lynn, Janet, Cheryl,
Janet, Alanna, Josephine, Kaye, Lorayne, Kate, Kerry, and Mona.(I hope I didn't miss one of you!).
It was a pleasure working with you.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Next on my 'to do' list..

                                and next week: Create - a lovely art retreat in Seattle
                                         where I will be teaching two collage classes

November 9 Gelli printing workshop (full, but let me know if you are interested -
 there will be  a second one)

Monday, October 13, 2014

color and texture in Italy (part III)

This last post about my trip to Italy has photos of rich color and texture from
Milan, Florence and the island of Burano.

                                I have to start with my first roommate in Milan...

      On the top of the Milan Duomo - the tallest Duomo in Europe I believe..

 The Duomo in Florence - a favorite spot of mine since my "History of Art" in college days

                                                     reflections on the Arno river in Florence

                                         17th century Jewish cemetery on the Lido island near Venice

                 Burano - the most colorful island I have ever seen! According to the story the reason for each house being in a different color was to help the fishermen recognize their own home
from the sea.

Of course with all this inspiration much more art will be created and posted in the next couple of weeks!