Monday, August 6, 2012

Wonderful Time with India Flint

Just came back from an amazing 3 day class with the fabulous India Flint.
We played with plant based dyeing on paper and fabric. We filled our time
at Darcy’s studio (near Santa Barbara) by experimenting with a variety of natural sources as fiber and paper color tools for mark making. The weather was perfect, 
the food was perfect, the company was perfect. What else could we ask for?


                                                      a section of my finished book

dyed papers and fabrics

Darcy's studio

We all got home with a whole lot of material to use in our own creations.
I am planning to make some books, wall hanging and possibly tote bags as well.

Now, a few days later, after rushing to the thrift store and purchasing all the needed equipment, I have created a whole new stash of papers which I am so excited about! These will become my newest artist books very soon.