Thursday, February 2, 2012


I finally found some time to post my classes samples. I will be teaching these at the CREATE retreat in Irvine in May - June 2012.
My 6 hour class will include several mixed media techniques with a final project of one or two artist books that will include photos that students took.
My 3 hour class will include a quick printmaking technique plus some mixed media techniques with a final project of a bound mini journal.

Below are the mini journals and photos of journals that have been filled with collaged/printed  images.

While taking these pictures I had an urge to photograph a bunch of my journals together which created a "TA-DA" moment for me. Michelle Ward had posted a challenge on her blog that called for a "TA-DA" list. Unfortunately I only have time for one item right now..and these are my journals.

 While at it, I also photographed some of my ROD journals (from an on-line class by MarryAnn Moss)  that I have completed last year. These fabric covers journals are really cozy and feel like stuffed animals in a way. You just want to hug them!


michelle ward said...

Dorit - congrats on the teaching gig at CREATE! I will teaching at their East coast event in July! Love seeing all that art folded out in glorious color and pattern. And those fabric journals, love how you described them. Ta-Da and bravo! Thanks for sharing with the team!

Carin Winkelman said...

Wow! I don't know where to look first with all that great stuff going on! Beautiful work! Love the mini journals, but your ROD is spectacular too.

JLessor said...

These are beautiful! Wish I lived close enough to take your classes but ...Wisconsin is just too far away :-(

JLessor said...

I these are beautiful! I wish I lived close enough to take your classes but... Wisconsin is just too for away :-(

Nancy said...

What a feast for the eyes! I love all of your work.

Kip said...

your journals and albums are all fabulous!!