Saturday, January 23, 2010

winter time printmaking

During some recent classes that I was teaching I also had a little time to print myself, and these are the results. The colors are definitely inspired by the cold weather! This time I added a bit of writing as well.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Recently I have been participating in Mary Ann Moss' journaling class. We made these awesome shabby journals out of scraps. The harder part (for me) is to fill the journal because I am not quite a flowing/spilling kind of writer, but I am sure the images, colors and textures will take most of the space anyway..and yes, that's my work table while working on the journal!
Also, in the other set of photos you can see some journals I made out of the paper that was covering my art classroom tables while teaching printmaking. I love the randomness of the color spots on them.
And talking about journaling - I am adding to my Etsy store some tags and labels, as well as some vintage Valentine cards.