Sunday, March 23, 2008


Exciting news: My first book is done and I love it! What a talented sister I have! We decided on a new cover for the front which makes it much more cheerful! The book is square shaped (my favorite shape for books) and feels so nice in my hands! Inside the book is most of my art from the last twenty years, presented in the most artistic way! In about a couple of weeks I will put it on my ETSY shop for everyone who is interested in getting a copy. I might have a few copies at Artfest.

Fiber fun (part 2)

Here is my "return mail" for the fiber postcard swap. It was hard to stop working on fabric again - I haven't done it for a long while so the result was 4 postcards instead of just one.
Artfest is in about 10 days! Preparations and packing take all my free time! There will be a long post right after I come back!
ps: It has been a year since I started my blog. I wish I had time to post more often but I will keep trying.