Sunday, July 5, 2009

The colors of Israel

Just came back from a visit in Israel. Awesome place if you like colors, textures, food, warm/hot weather, beautiful beaches!.


rscoach said...

Was this in Tel Aviv? I was there 3 years ago for the first time - and loved it - hope to go back someday - thanks for sharing and btw although I'm a lurker - love your blog and your work - Reva (Los Angeles)

Dorit Elisha said...

Thanks Reva! These pictures are from both Haifa and Tel Aviv.
There will be more about art in Israel in my next post!

Jennie said...

I love the place, and so hot too! My mum lives there some of the year :)

lici said...

hah! i liked the reference to "shopping"

Julia said...

Hi Again, I love all these fab photos, I was wondering if I could use the pic of the orange cafe chairs and pink wall in one of my collages?...It's just to use in my own artroom, but these are my fav colours at the moment?...I would love to use it also on my blog with a link to your blog?...xx