Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The colors of Israel - part 2

While in Israel I visited artists in their studios:
one of the artist I visited is Israel Reiss. His large oil paintings speak for themselves. They are semi abstract and the colors are warm and lucious!


Anonymous said...

nice to see you are home safe and sound...and i assume, well fed?????
lovely pics kiddo...sounds like a great trip! can't wait to hear some stories.

lici said...

what should i do to qualify for the lottery of the autographed book?
i am too happy for words looking at your photos, because i see through them that you have had a good time here with us.
love, hugs and all the rest

Carla Sonheim said...

Dorit, I really love Israel's work. Oh my. Congrats on your book!!!!!! I saw it in Barnes & Noble last week in Denver, it was in a great spot!

Jacky said...

Wonderful post and fantastic images. I really enjoyed these artist work (especially love the horses).

Thanks for sharing, I cant wait to see the third artist.