Friday, April 17, 2009

a visit to a junk yard

I had a fun day in Berkeley visiting a junk yard for photography purposes and this is the result.
My father was a professional photographer and I was pretty much living in a photo lab, but my love for photography as an art form only started in the last few years, unfortunately after my father's passing. I am sure he is smiling and saying "told you so"...

On a totally non related note, have you heard/seen Suzane Boyle's (the new discovery on a British talent show) old recording of "Cry me a River"? If there is a real nightingale - she is the one! My link doesn't work so search on You tube - Suzane Boyle "cry me a River".

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sharon young said...

I've just been browsing your web site after receiving my latest copy of CPS, you have some beautiful work, very inspirational, I especially liked your prints.
RE Susan Boyle, we watched the show on UK TV and were absolutely blown away by her voice, magic.