Saturday, April 11, 2009

TA-DA!!!!! A book is born!

After a long pregnancy "Printmaking + Mixed Media" is born. I just received my first copy and I am so excited! I can see the result of a long tiring year coming to life. The book will be in stores this June.
Here is a quick peak.


aka: eye-poppers said...

How exciting! I know it took a lot to put this together. Congratulations! What's your next project?

Maj said...

Oh great, looking forward to it! I bookmarked this at Amazon a long time ago!

Kelly Kilmer said...

I got mine and it's awesome! I'll be blogging about it tomorrow ;)

Anonymous said...

...runs to the keyboard to order!
now I have to pace around the mailbox looking at my watch.

....and congrats!

lici said...

my dear dorit,
at my age every day counts. where is my TA-DA copy of your book?

you know who